Orlando Real Estate Market Trends

Dated: February 12 2024

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1. Sustained Growth: Orlando is experiencing steady growth, driven by its attractiveness as a tourist destination and a place to live.

The new changes inside Orlando International Airport in Florida are already visible. The seventh busiest airport in the world has received an investment of more than 2.8 billion dollars for expansion and improvements. And this is already visible, with its transparent high ceilings.

2. Planned Neighborhood Development: Urban planning focused on sustainable, well-designed communities is generating interest in new developments.

Accompanied by realistic-looking faux indoor palm trees, giant LED screens depicting underwater springs and views of blue skies and billowing clouds through skylights, Terminal C lets passengers know they have arrived in Florida, the "sunshine state."

3. Luxury Residential Property Boom: The demand for high-end residential properties has been increasing, especially in exclusive areas.

4. Innovation in Residential Technology: The integration of smart home technologies, from security systems to home automation, is gaining popularity.

5. Affordable Housing: Despite growth, there is an emphasis on the development of affordable housing to address the needs of various demographic groups.

6. Investments in Commercial Development: The commercial real estate market is also experiencing a boom, with new shopping centers and office space under development.

7. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: Buyers are increasingly interested in green and energy efficient properties.

8. Attracting Foreign Investors: Orlando continues to be attractive to foreign investors, contributing to market diversification.

Universal Epic Universe, which will open its doors on a date to be defined in 2025, will be Universal Orlando's fourth theme park in Florida (USA) and the "most ambitious", with "an unparalleled level of immersion and innovation" that can be seen in the more than 50 attractions, stores and entertainment and gastronomic offers it will contain, as the firm has pointed out.

9. Expansion of Transportation Options: The development of public transportation options and improvements in road infrastructure are influencing location decisions.

10. Demographic change: Demographic changes, such as the arrival of new residents and changing family dynamics, have an impact on the demand for real estate.

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