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Mark Nathwani
Bsc in Business
UK Law Yr1

Expertise: UK, USA & International real estate investment specialist.
Business consultant.
Personal development coach.
International speaker & author on wealth creation.

Mark Nathwani Bio

Mark Nathwani is a successful serial entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses from start up to very substantial valuations. He has assisted countless business to achieve remarkable growth and achievements.

Property investing throughout his business career has qualified him to consult for and advise an extensive client base to include professionals such as accountants, lawyers, doctors and other sophisticated investors.

Mark has an outstanding natural ability to deal and invest in real estate and this interest has taken him to USA, India and Dubai as well as Bulgaria and the UK. These are all places where he has personally invested and had a physical presence.

His passion for what he does has led him to present at some well-known International events such as The London Investor Show sponsored by the Royal Stock Exchange (an interview can be seen here:, Business 2012 where he shared the stage with celebrity entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Lord Sugar as well as many other household names.

His business skills were demonstrated as early as seven years of age, when he was a marble trader as school, buying marbles wholesale and selling to his fellow “playground mates”. This quickly developed into being appointed the Horticulture Society Head where he was commended for raising enough money for the school to build a rooftop greenhouse from selling plants in his lunch hour. The school then handed him the responsibility to operate “the school tuck shop” which he took from a small clause to the canteen.

At the age of sixteen he sold 1000 pieces of Rubliks Magic Cube to Hamleys (UK’s leading toy store) in Regent Street Central London.

At 18 whilst studying for his pre-college qualifications, he traded cars from a desk in the back of a friend’s off-licence.

At 19 he abandoned his studies, put his parents’ home on the line and worked around the clock in his own retail business. His newly setup business forced 3 local established businesses to close down within the first 12 months.

Being extremely family oriented and always seeking to help those close to him, he made sure that just within a few months of starting that business that it enabled him to invite his brother to leave his desk job at a lighter company and join him in his journey to entrepreneurial success.

At 23 he sold that business and was very soon set to become the leading and most recognised name in Car Audio in the UK. In Car Entertainment was born in 1987.

Within 12 months of starting this business, Mark led the way and set trends in the industry that established audio specialists found difficulty competing with and keeping up with.

Within a short time, a chain of 8 stores were set up.

Very soon after that, the UK’s first & leading distribution of US audio and training school followed.

Winning awards year on year, Mark went on to inventing the World’s First Ever Security Device that allowed the user to STOP his vehicle anywhere in the world by making a simple telephone call to it.
West Midlands Police became his Sales Force! The company would eventually be worth £131m on a Junior UK stock exchange – Ofex.

During this time at the age of twenty, real estate investing had already begun and by 2010 the experience of riding and surviving a few global downturns had established Mark as a talented and successful property investor with a substantial portfolio in the UK and USA.

2008 saw the worst ever global economic collapse, and so in 2010 Mark recognised that this was not a short term, however a 5 -10 year hibernation period about to begin.

That is when he launched his internet marketing business and within months mark created “The World’s Largest Private Label Rights & Resell Rights eProducts Library Facility -”.

Since then, Mark has excelled to being recognised as a leading specialist in internet marketing, creating his own products, speaking at events internationally & organising some of the UK's most recognised events. As well as sharing the stage with Richard Branson as mentioned above, mark presented with Karen Brady, Ruby Wax, Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank, USA’s version of Dragons Den) amongst many other recognised celebrities.

“The World's Largest eProducts Library” is a library/ source of over 1,000,000 information products that allows the user to resell them and retain 100% of the proceeds, many permit the user to white labelled into their “own brand”. This has since become of the of the World’s best biz ops, allowing members to create huge wealth from the comfort of their own home.

The real estate market in 2015 is now the most active since 2008. This is creating opportunities that are giving everyone that “missed the boat” a chance to substantially change their life by earning an income that they have dreamed off, or to improve considerably on any income that is presently being enjoyed by anyone.

Mark is focusing energy on resuming real estate activity where he has enjoyed the greatest growth throughout his career than any other activity which he has been involved in.

He highly recommends the reader reaches out to discuss how he can assist with start-up or growth in real estate and why it is without a doubt the best business opportunity than any other.

Mark is well recognised as a character of good standing and always ready and willing to help anyone that calls upon him. He is proud of countless testimonials & gratitude’s of thanks for his unconditional assistance to people (some he has never known); together with advice to countless people that continuously look upon him and his experience in every walk of life from personal, business, emotional to even marital and family.

Three factors that affect the state of any person greater than any other are health, wealth and relationships. Having battled through catastrophes in all three sectors and to remain positive and happy has sparked his passion to help anyone succeed in life and to help overcome any difficulty that they have in the process.

Mark is a firm believer that with the right Coaching & Guidance anyone can achieve the success, freedom and happiness that they desire.

Mark says these experiences have made him see life with eyes and angles that perhaps ordinary folk will fortunately never witness.

Mark is the Charter President of one the World’s largest Charity Organisations’ Clubs and led them to create one of the most successful and award winning clubs in the Zone. The Club is now a record breaking Charity that raises substantial funds each year for good causes. Mark is also a personal supporter of Sir Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation.

Mark enjoys coaching & mentoring entrepreneurs of all levels and changes their lives. Mark enjoys a financially free lifestyle that allows him to enjoy his hobbies, passions and share time with friends and family.

Hobbies include; music, dance, remote aircraft, magic, golf, cooking, keep fit, spirituality, yoga, meditation and boating.

His Motto is “One Life – Live it Well”.

This is not a dress rehearsal. This is the actual performance. Take Action!
Mark Nathwani (2007)

Seek the success you want to achieve for it will not seek you! – Mark
Nathwani (2009)

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