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Buying a home in Orlando, Florida

Since time in memorial, shelter has been one of man’s primary need alongside food and clothing. Over the centuries, this need has gradually been refined to represent societal status, affluence or means. What other place to invest your hard earned money in the US real estate industry save for Orlando, Florida? Although this piece of sunshine can be worth a fortune to purchase, it is most often worth its investment should adequate research be made and good offers be readily available.

Best Places to purchase a home in Orlando Florida

As different as our faces are, so are our preference for buildings and neighborhoods. The findings presented below were made off an aggregate of historical purchase data and a sample consensus. The below list represents the best places to buy a home in Orlando.

  1. Audubon Park: This is arguably the most beautiful of all three top picks as it is sited in the historic New Orleans and its conserved natural look. Picnics, hiking, and kayaking are common among its 4,000+ inhabitants along its vast natural resources. Its schooling systems are one of the best in town.

  1. Rowena Gardens: This lakefront estate has one of the best natural views in Orlando. It has a population of less than 1,500 and is a master planned community that offers commendable public schooling system and almost negligible crime rate.

  1. Lake Nona Central: This is the most populous of the top three picks but is a 7,000 acres planned community that is for mixed use. Containing diverse water bodies, it is a haven for water enthusiasts and supports an amazing public schooling system with its almost 7,000 occupants.

Things to look out for prior to a purchase

Most prospective homeowners seeking to purchase a home in Florida would most often overlook the fact that home purchase just like every business transaction is an art that can be mastered to provide a win-win situation. For this reason, we at Dagma LeBlanc have highlighted some of the best hands to play when looking for a home in Florida.

  1. Be explicit about your goals: We often advise our clients to seek homes that align with their “Why” and not with their “What”.  For example, a couple looking for homes in Florida has clearly set their dream home goals based on their needs for proximity to a lake or river. Moreover, this reason could be because they want to enjoy fishing post-retirement and so, their best choice would be to live in neighborhoods such as Lake Nova Estates that are close to water bodies.

  1. Critically consider location: Purchasing a home is most often the most expensive purchase most people ever make in their lives and so, it is important to be highly logical during the purchase. The next best question to answer is the “where”. Where would you rather live close to? Places such as Disney park or major attraction centers? To enjoy the beauty of Orlando. Dagma LeBlanc-Pond often advise clients searching for homes in Florida to consider homes based on their location than on their price.

  1. Identify prime real estate: Given the city’s popularity, information becomes the differentiating factor between successfully securing a property or not. Hence, we advise potential clients to consider engaging for registered and experienced real estate agents or realtors that comfortably sell to foreigners such as Dagma LeBlanc-Pond. She helps clients identify prime properties that are astounding purchases and linking them to adequate support services such as mortgage consulting etc.

  1. Leverage the MLS: The MLS means Multiple Listing Service and it is a list of all the properties in Florida available for sale. All brokers and agents have this document and it is important for buyers to look for the property they desire from this central database document to avoid unnecessary driving, visiting and energy waste.

Important things to know about Florida real estate scene

  1. Ease of transaction: Buying a home in Florida can be as easy taking a walk in the park. This statement is very valid as a reputable realtor  Dagma LeBlanc-Pond are not only a fully licensed agent, but is  highly experienced. She swiftly identify properties that match her  client’s requirement, coordinate the legal procedures, communicate with necessary parties and provide support in remodeling the homes.

  1. Ease of funding: Unlike some other states and the popular misconception people have about Florida, funding opportunities are readily available. These loans are of varied structures but are majorly variable or fixed rates within a five to thirty years’ span. Non-residents and resident are allowed to access loans up to 70% of the value of their Florida home.  Dagma LeBlanc-Pond also helps our clients identify the best funding opportunity for their building project.

  1. Wide range of neighborhoods: Orlando Florida services people of various financial status which has led to the creation of a wide range of neighborhood styles. From the populous Randal park that has become one of the most united communities to the more expensive Orlando International Airport neighborhood littered about with various high-end stores and supermarkets. This attests to the fact that no matter what a potential client desires from Orlando, Dagma LeBlanc-pond would make it a priority to identify perfect matches.

In conclusion, considering the performance of the US economy in recent years, the information provided above helps potential homeowners make their dream home purchase successful via information leveraging.

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